Introducing EcoVerum, your next generation CSRD compliance solution

Enter a new era in ESG reporting

EcoVerum leverages automated data handling, AI analytics, and data validation, presenting an end-to-end solution for ESG legal compliance while emphasising data quality, integrity, and traceability.

Aggregate vast volumes of ESG data from diverse sources, consolidating information into a single, comprehensive repository. This aggregation process empowers businesses to gain a holistic view of their ESG metrics, enabling more informed decision-making and streamlined legal compliance.


Mitigate greenwashing risks using EcoVerum's advanced machine learning algorithms. This process ensures the integrity and trustworthiness of data from various sources, including third-party providers. Our validation safeguards against legal issues and customer distrust, enabling reliable and accurate ESG reporting.


Employ rigorous data standardisation techniques to meet the mandated XBRL standards, ensuring uniformity and consistency in ESG reporting. By adhering to industry and regulatory standards, our solution not only streamlines CSRD compliance but also enhances comparability, allowing stakeholders to evaluate a company's performance against its peers.

Our approach

AI powered

EcoVerum will employ a range of algorithms to identify potential instances of greenwashing. It proactively alerts users, ensuring not only legal compliance but also a comprehensive understanding of your data, safeguarding your reputation and credibility


Automated Data Management

Powered by AI
Our team

The foundation of our company

With over 50 years of collective expertise in data management, our team is driven by a passion for sustainability and equipped with formidable technical acumen. The fusion of our technical and business proficiency is a transformative approach for companies navigating ESG reporting.

You can’t change what you don’t measure. At EcoVerum, we focus on collecting accurate data and processing it reliably so our users can trust their reports and drive the change we all need to achieve a more sustainable future

Nelson Sousa
CTO at EcoVerum





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